Welcome to Chassis

Chassis is an open source virtual server for your WordPress site, built using Vagrant. (Quickstart)

Many people are still using their main computer for local development. However, this can be a huge pain when bringing new developers up to speed on a project, or trying to get non-developers (designers, managers, clients) running a site.

The concept of virtual machines for servers has become popular recently, but too many of these projects are focussed around specific uses, and include many things not everyone needs. They can end up massively increasing development time by introducing long waiting times, or huge context switches.

Chassis takes care of setting up a local server in an optimal configuration for WordPress, and removes all the hard work. It’s fast (remember the Famous Five Minute Install?), and flexible to allow you to build how you want to.

Getting started is as easy as downloading Chassis and running a single command. (We’re working on making it possible to run Chassis without ever touching the command line, but we’re not quite there.)

You can contribute to Chassis on Github.

User Guide